I am very happy with the work you’ve completed for me so far. I could have sat for hours upon hours trying to proof read my own work, and not only would that have been stressful and tiring, it would probably still have contained errors. It has left me feeling way more confident about launching the course. I’m keen to continue working with you on similar and new projects.



I have used Vanessa’s services many times over the past few years. She is the most organised person I know with incredible attention to detail and meticulous planning. She has helped me to organise events on numerous occasions and has information and access to many suppliers. 

Vanessa is an expert in the use of social media and is regularly advising me on different techniques to use or sites to subscribe to. 

She also has an excellent eye for fashion and what suits.  She understands my concerns and tastes and knows the image I am trying to achieve. I recently used her services to shop for work clothes on a specific budget. She had a clear idea of what shops to take me to and was honest and careful with her opinion, always being budget conscious.   Once lock-down is over I am going to get Vanessa in to go through my wardrobe – where I see individual items, she sees outfits.

Vanessa is friendly, honest and reliable and I do not hesitate in recommending her.

Nicole Hershon

Vanessa did some work for Hyde Tutoring over a 2 month period. She is hard working and clearly wants to make Lessen the Load a success. She is also keen to learn new skills and to take on more tasks! I wish her all the best with her business. 

Charlotte, charlotte@hydetutoring.com


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